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Learn About Opioid Relapse

What are opioids? Why are they so commonly abused? Learn more here.

An estimated 26–36 million people worldwide abuse opiates, with exceptionally high-relapse rates. Boredom, isolation, frustration, sadness, and anger are cited as the most common causes of relapse.

Inspiration Health Addiction Treatment Center (IHAT) has developed relapse prevention strategies for our clients that help them deal with emotional issues, urges to use, and external pressure to use. We empower our clients to cope with such situations and respond appropriately. Relapse prevention strategies at IHAT are incorporated for our clients that strengthen family support systems, enhance coping skills, and strengthen their self-determination. 

At IHAT our clients will have the support of our entire medical, behavioral health, care coordination, and office staff to meet the challenges faced during recovery.  Our individually tailored care plans will specifically address each clients needs to give them the tools and skills necessary to regain control of their lives and prevent relapse.  

Learn More About Opioid Addiction